Belgrade Alternative Guide is the organization from Serbia presenting its capital city to its visitors since 2009 through the eyes of the group member’s every day life. Aiming to show the city not necessarily at its best, but rather in its full authenticity and honesty. We’ve been trying for years to provide our visitors with a few things everyone wishes to encounter in a foreign city – and to make them feel at home.

No matter whether we have in mind retired people, students, children, or high scholars, artistic souls or sports fans, architects or historians, political scientists, philosophers or journalists, medical workers or simply people who want to have some fun, Belgrade Alternative Guide answers to the wishes of all with equal hospitality and generosity.

Nevertheless, we do not offer the “Pink” image of the city.

We turn both face and reverse side of Belgrade to you and we show it the way it is. We don’t add any makeup to our city but on the other hand we do emphasize all the beautiful sides of Belgrade and we do it proudly. Encouraged by the experience of more then thousand of our visitors, we may say that nobody ever left Belgrade without a hug given by the city itself. This is something that is guaranteed with Belgrade Alternative Guide.

Alternative tours through the city center, tours through one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, Zemun, Street art tours, Street art workshops, Rooftop tours, Mountain tours, trips to do country side, organized trips to other places in Serbia out of Belgrade, and meals in a friendly home surroundings in one of our member house. These are just one part of what Belgrade Alternative Guide offers to its guests. It is for us, as your hosts, of utmost importance to try our best and present you with as much as possible during your stay in Belgrade, not only by making ” Official ” tours. Informal gatherings besides our organized tours ( even though our tours are far from “formal”), as well as numerous tips on what to do while in Belgrade, what to eat and which Rakija to taste, they are also part of our service.

It is up to you to bring a lot of cheerful spirit and ours is to ” put to work ” that spirit of yours in the best possible way. Therefore, if you still haven’t visited our city, come to the best city in the Balkans and contact us.

See you in Belgrade!